What we do

Interior Styling

Styling your home can be as simple as rearranging the furniture, changing the colour of the walls or adding some key accessories. Decluttering, organising storage and using space cleverly can transform a room from drab to delightful. Styling need not cost a fortune – clever redesign can be achieved within every budget.



This room was dominated by the red brick of the fireplace and the dated, pink carpet.

The room was transformed by painting the bricks cream, adding a contrasting grey paint to the walls and changing to a neutral coloured carpet.  A large mirror helped to bounce light around the room as well as being a feature in itself.

Presale Makeovers

In a competitive market, buyers will make a decision about your property in a matter of minutes. A presale makover gives you the opportunity to maximise the potential of your home. We can highlight your home’s strengths and give it an edge over the competition. By seeing your home with an objective and impartial eye it allows us to make improvements that can often be impossible to see whilst living there.


This room was cluttered and its use was undefined – a very common and understandable problem in a busy family house.

By redefining it as a light and airy dining space and giving it a cosy corner for coffee it became a much more pleasant place to be. Buyers would now be able to picture your property as their home.


We can advise or assist with bespoke solutions whatever the budget:


Decluttering & Storage solutions

Room styling


Product sourcing

Kerb Appeal

Moving in assistance

Project Management and additional trades