Presale Makeovers


“We are hoping to move house but don’t know where to start in presenting our home at its best.”

“There are so many little jobs that need finishing off around the house but we can’t find the time or energy to complete them.”

“We’ve been given a selling price for our home but feel sure we could achieve more with a bit of styling help.”

If any of these statements apply to you then it could be time to give our services a try.

Cost effective investment

Moving house is always a costly process but why would you put your home on the market without making sure your most valuable asset is in tip top condition?

You may not feel like spending more money on a property that you are leaving but if it means achieving your asking price in a timescale that suits you then it is undoubtedly worth every penny.   A presale makeover need not be an expensive option, our skill is in seeing where and how to spend the money wisely.  A minimal outlay can lead to a significant return on your investment.

If you don’t have the time, energy or vision to tackle the more jobs that need doing around your home then we can do it for making the whole selling process much less stressful.
Don’t miss out on your next dream home because you didn’t maximise the potential of your current one


It is undoubtedly beneficial to make use of our services before an agent takes any marketing photographs. Much better for them to be advertising your house at its best right from day one.
However, if your home has been on the market for a while then it may be that fresh photos after using our services would allow your property to appeal to a wider audience.

Are you selling an empty property?

These can be the hardest properties of all to sell as people cannot picture how their furniture will fit into the empty space.
We can source the right furnishings for you to ensure that viewers are able to see a home and not just bare walls.

Despite the generous proportions of this lounge it is difficult to see where and how much furniture could be arranged.  By dressing the room with sofas, occasional tables, curtains and a few ornaments it becomes a welcoming space where buyers could visualise their own belongings.